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"Sleep early and rise early, InshaAllah you will shine like the sun in your life. "
"Doing multiple things at a time saves you time, but doing one thing at a time, saves you. "
"Pain teaches us how to pray, truly. "
"Thank (every) affliction that reminds of Allah."
"Mother, a most beautiful person you will ever see in your life. Mother, a most sincere person you will ever see in your life."
"Always do good , one can never go wrong with it, and there are no failures in doing good. You will leave the Dunya with a smile."
"Wherever you are, make that place beautiful with your attitude."
"The hearts of others are as real as yours, be gentle."
"To see your outer self you need eyes and a mirror, but to see your inner self, you need heart, and your heart becomes your eyes and a mirror."
"Learn to be silent and you will learn alot."
"We clean our house when we invite someone, we must clean our hearts if we wish to invite Allah swt."
“A kind person is close to Allah, close to Jannah and close to everyone.”
“Once you get hugged by Allah's love, you will never want to let go....”
"Do not fail, this time will pass."
"Don't be sad about he cracks of your heart, your heart is about to crack open and the ocean of peace inside will wash away every scar. "
"If you agree that life is a journey then you should not be sad if you are currently not where you want to be. Continue with the journey."
"Keep breathing Imaan in to your heart, keep breathing in to it , never let your heart die."
"Dunya will continue to disappoint you until you get the point."
"A bleeding heart is an ink pot that contains the most powerful ink."
"The goal is to become a (wise child), not a (fool adult)."
"Always be with Allah and you will be honoured wherever you go."
"Fall a thousand times but never let your courage fall even once."
"Try not to turn away the hand of a needy, That hand is trying to give you Jannah."
"Total submission to Allah swt brings peace of mind and heart."
“Impossible becomes possible if Allah Wills and possible becomes impossible if Allah Wills.”
"Your heart may be broken in to millions of pieces..... but if you look closely you will see that every piece of your heart is now free .... "
"Smile, good or bad whatever it is, it's just a dream not a reality, because reality doesn't have an end but you know that this life ends."
"When your mind is worried it thinks that it needs peace.... but as a matter of fact it needs knowledge."
"Let it be the love of Allah that brings you to your knees, not life."
"If you are understanding and kind, the world needs you."
"You won't believe until you understand, and you won't understand until you believe."
"Paint smiles on people's faces with your smile."
"Always be generous and jealousy will leave you."
"Respect falls in love with a good character."
"This is Allah's love for you that you love Allah."
"There is no door or window, the heart opens with cracks and breaks."
“When Allah is with you, your troubles are in trouble.”
“Thank your sorrows, they brought you to Allah.”
“Say I forgive you because I want to be forgiven by Allah.”

"Your heart feels heavy because it was not built to carry the world in it."

“We pay so much attention to our bodies that will turn in to dust one day, but we pay no attention to our souls that will return to Allah one day.”
“Never make fun of anyone who cannot do what you can do easily; it is easy for you because Allah made it easy for you.”
“Those who broke your heart, forgive them with every broken piece of your heart.... for the sake of Allah.”
“O Allah, comfort me not with anything but You.”
“No Muslim is poor; they all have Allah.”
“The weak rely on others; The strong rely on Allah.”
“When you need someone to comfort you, remember that Allah is near and Allah is the Best Comforter.”
“Only Allah knows what the real beauty is, and only Allah knows how beautiful you are.”
“You don't need people to be thankful to you, you do good to others because you need Allah to be Merciful to you.”

“When your strength is Allah, your strength

never ends.”

“Our level of trust depends on how much we know the one we trust. To increase our trust in Allah we need to know Him (swt).”
“If you are sad, find the cause of your sadness and replace it with Allah.”
“If you never forget Allah, you have the best memory.”
“A person's attitude towards people and life tells Allah how much he trusts Him.”
“Peace is not the absence of sorrows, but the presence of Allah in your heart.”
“In the journey of life, travel with those who are (lost) in Allah, because they know the way.”
“You can never lose by giving in Allah's way; what you give will leave you with gain.”
“Patience is precious; Allah is with you when patience is with you.”
“Every time you break before Allah, Allah re-builds you stronger than before.”